Mi casa es su casa – Our house is your house

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Not that weird family you try to avoid, but the family you wish you had

The concept of OUR HQ extends beyond aesthetics and function. OUR HQ is a place where you can be yourself, but also become so much more. Your business will only grow as much as you do, so we have created an environment where you are supported and also challenged to scale greater heights! All while having a whole lot of fun.

Meaningful relationships, partnerships, and networks are part of how we do life.

And we want YOU to be a part of it.

We’re home to a genuine family of working professionals who know the value of connection.

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Social exchange should be fun and an everyday part of life

We aren’t just fancy desks, slick interiors and amazing coffee. We are a community where creatives, nerds and visionaries from all fields come together.

Whether its random chats in our café, or formal business mentoring sessions, OUR HQ is all about learning from each other and inspiring collaboration.

  • We nurture an atmosphere based on shared learning, inspiring collaborative synergies between businesses and people
  • We embrace diversity and a culture of inclusiveness, kindness, and empathy towards others
  • We celebrate your success like it’s our success


Who knows where we are going from here, but we promise it won’t be boring

The heart of OUR HQ are its people. You can’t replicate this.

When you join OUR HQ, our community evolves. We grow in creativity, knowledge, experience and fun.  We share and celebrate together in our wins and spur each other on in challenging times.

Technology is keeping us more connected than ever, yet more disconnected than ever. Our community understands the creative process and the often lonely world of being a small business owner. We’re believers in the importance of human to human connection – in real life.


Tap into the collective geniuses of 100+ fellow members

A journey of 1,000 steps is more fun when you have a cheer squad

Be empowered & decide how you want to work

We also just hang out - That's important for business


A working environment designed for your team to thrive

Love the environment that the OUR HQ team have created. It has the perfect balance of being open enough for work/socialisation, whilst being small and cozy that you don't feel lost in the space. The attention to detail and spirit of excellence they have applied to the space is incredible. Well done on a fantastic job!

Irwin Hau, Chromatix

A key reason for joining OUR HQ was to provide both a geographic and mental separation between work and home. After I joined and the collaboration started, I was reminded how important a sense of community is to our wellbeing and happiness. Being able to be my own boss but in a collaborative and collegiate environment, is great.

Paul Hockridge, Hockridge Advisory

A beautiful creative and nurturing space, showcasing an abundance of natural light. Tastefully designed to create a culture of caring, passionate, and creative individuals all sharing the same vision. Supported by the wisdom and professionalism of Trident Financial Group, which are all about helping you and your business succeed in a positive and human way and share an infectious culture.

Joe and Sara Di Grazia, Finewood Designer Kitchen

From day one the team at OUR HQ has been welcoming and inclusive, with the open plan allowing our team to reconnect after several years of working from home. Supplied onsite serviced amenities including height adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs, fire-warden and OHS officers, has freed up our associates to focus on what matters - all within a modern space designed for high performance.

Tyson Dorsett, Teletrac Navman

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