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Functional, flexible and practical

In addition to joining the amazing culture at OUR HQ, you will have access to many other features and benefits.

  • Own dedicated desk
  • Semi-private space: located in a private office shared by 6 people
  • Desk Partition installed for privacy
  • Ergonomically designed sit-stand desk
  • 24/7 all hours access

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your suite of choices

A premium desk solution to fit any sized growing business

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Premium Desk Premium Desk

Metaphorical and physical silos are out, and collaboration and teamwork are in. When you become a part of the OUR HQ community, you and your business can expect plenty of specially curated spaces for deep thinking and focused work.

Whatever your business needs, a floating desk, a dedicated desk, a collaborative workspace, a private office, or a virtual office, OUR HQ has got you covered.

1,600 sqm of prime productivity real estate

For businesses who need more than a desk and fast internet, OUR HQ is ready to welcome you!

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Beautifully ergonomically designed sit-stand desks available.

It’s time to shine. Our house is your stage.

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Collaboration is the real mother of success.

We know that putting on an inspiring business event is an integral part of connecting with your audience. That’s why we have a range of dynamic spaces to host everything from small intimate discussions to presentations and launch events. Or if you’re simply looking for a meeting room, we have spaces for that too.


Own dedicated desk

Icons / Feature / Network

Get social with our monthly Happiness Committee events

Convenient onsite café to provide drinks and catering service

Icons / Feature / Time

Competitive meeting room rate

Interested in using Our HQ for your very own dedicated desk?

Get in touch and we can organise a tour or answer any questions you may have.

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A beautiful creative and nurturing space, showcasing an abundance of natural light. Tastefully designed to create a culture of caring, passionate, and creative individuals all sharing the same vision. Supported by the wisdom and professionalism of Trident Financial Group, which are all about helping you and your business succeed in a positive and human way and share an infectious culture.

Joe and Sara Di Grazia, Finewood Designer Kitchen

Love the environment that the OUR HQ team have created. It has the perfect balance of being open enough for work/socialisation, whilst being small and cozy that you don't feel lost in the space. The attention to detail and spirit of excellence they have applied to the space is incredible. Well done on a fantastic job!

Irwin Hau, Chromatix

A key reason for joining OUR HQ was to provide both a geographic and mental separation between work and home. After I joined and the collaboration started, I was reminded how important a sense of community is to our wellbeing and happiness. Being able to be my own boss but in a collaborative and collegiate environment, is great.

Paul Hockridge, Hockridge Advisory

Interested in using Our HQ for your very own dedicated desk?

Get in touch and we can organise a tour or answer any questions you may have.

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